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Whistling Hens Debut Album

Reacting to the Landscape

October 1, 2022

Reacting to the Landscape is a CD recording project that includes nine world premiere recordings, features seven living American women composers, and showcases five commissions.

The album title, Reacting to the Landscape, comes from an interview in which former Baltimore Symphony Orchestra conductor Marin Alsop (the first female to lead a major orchestra in the US) said,


“People ask why a course like this [for women conductors] is necessary, and I think it's a disingenuous question. It's only necessary because of the reality. It's not something I'm making up. I'm just reacting to the landscape...Because I have quite a thick skin, I don't mind being the one out front, trying to elbow my way in. But I think, as that person out front, it's important for me to create a pathway for people coming through. I don't want it to be so hard for the next generations.” So why women composers? Why now? We’re just reacting to the landscape.

Available October 1, 2022 for CD orders and for download and streaming on digital platforms.

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Download and Stream

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CD Order Form

Physical compact discs are available, mailed to you within four business days.*

Signed Album: $20 + $4 media mail shipping = $24

Regular Album: $18 + $4 media mail shipping = $22

*US Shipping only

Please select the album you'd like to order, and then send payment to


Victoria Bond: Scat 2

Ashi Day: The Green Child*

Ashi Day: Thursday*

Melika M. Fitzhugh: A Woman Keeps Opening**

Cherise D. Leiter: American Folk Suite

Cherise D. Leiter: Eve's Diary*

Dannielle McBryan: It's Bedtime*

Diana Rosenblum: Say I am a River*

Jennifer Stevenson: Letter From Beirut**

*denotes a commission

**denotes a Darkwater Womxn in Music Festival work



Robert Armstrong

Leda Black

Denizens Brewing Co.

Dynamic Doodle Co.

Jonathan Galle

Strange Woman Records
Mahsa Yahosseini


Christ Memorial Presbyterian

Davies Unitarian Universalist Congregation

Georgia College & State University Department of Music

Georgia College & State University Women's Circle

Maryland State Arts Council

University of Maryland, Baltimore County Department of Music

University of Maryland, Baltimore County Dresher Center

Anonymous (4)

Meghan Shanley Alger

Mandi Barrus

Deborah Yardley Beers

Teri Bickham

Leda Black

Jenny Bilfield

Ashi Day

David Farrell

Shari Feldman

Melika Fitzhugh

Jennifer Flory

Jonathan Galle

Wesley Green

Kimia Hesabi

Alice Kreisle

Cherise D. Leiter

Sandra and Benjamin Martinelli

Joseph May

Dannielle McBryan

Margaret McGillivray

Tim McReynolds

Laurie Peebles

Carol and Kenneth Pick

Todd Pick

Jennifer Stevenson

Diane Taylor

Roddy Terrell

Ryan Tibbetts

Frank Wiley

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